How to Transform the System

By Wade Lee Hudson

If the American people unite, we can transform this country into a compassionate community dedicated to the common good of all humanity, our own people, the environment, and life itselfThe following measures can help us achieve that goal -- step-by-step, with evolutionary revolution:

  • Build massive movements focused on proposals backed by strong majorities of the American people.

  • Encourage inactive individuals to become active by learning how to treat people with more respect.

  • Support one another to become better human beings.

  • Clarify connections between the issues we face by developing a systemic worldview that will hold us together over time.

That’s why, with aid from others, I wrote Transform the System: A Work in Progress. You’re invited to help improve that declaration – or start from scratch and write your own proposals for systemic transformation. 

Elizabeth Warren brought the crowd to its feet at the 2012 Democratic Convention when she declared, “The system is rigged.” Donald Trump used the phrase to win the White House. Bernie Sanders almost gained the Democratic nomination with his criticisms of “the system.” Yet there’s little agreement on a key question: What is “the system” and how should we change it? Transform the System: A Work in Progress (available on Amazon for $4 here and on this site here) offers an answer to that question.