The top navigation bar includes: Home (the blog): About (information concerning the site); Site Map (this page); Contents (drop-down menu with resource Sections); Newest (recent additions); Subscribe (weekly newsletter); Archive (blog posts by type of resource); Search (this site).

Resources are placed under the Contents drop-down menu in Sections/Subsections based on their primary subject matter. The Sections are: Systemic; Personal; Social; Cultural; Economic; Environmental; Political. The “Subsections” link goes to an alphabetized list of all the Subsections (with links embedded). Items in the Systemic section address all Sections.

Within each Section, resources are categorized according to the type of resource: Activists (political); Advocates/Services; Articles/Op-eds/Essays; Books; Films; Interviews; Journals; Manuals; Music; Original Essays (not published elsewhere); Podcasts; Public Opinion Data; Speeches; Quotes, Videos; Websites. “Proposals” are placed at the bottom of the relevant category.

Resources will be sorted with the most important at the top (based on my tentative evaluations).

Blog posts are tagged with their Sections (and Subsections) and categorized by their resource type on the Archive page.

Tags/sections, resource type, or any other content can be used to conduct searches.