Transform the System Dialog


 Penn Garvin:

I have not had the time to write something about the system and what needs to be changed.  I am in complete agreement with what both you and Stephen have written. I would probably add the following that is alluded to but not specifically stated in both of your write ups concerning what needs to change.

" We as human beings need to help each other develop our capacity to move into a higher consciousness that is less materially oriented, feels/understands/responds to the statement 'we are all one' on an energy level, includes such work as Subtle Activism and begins to bring together those who are working on both a political and a spiritual level such as Barbara Max Hubbard, Terry Patten, Craig Hamilton, Marianne Williamson, Andrew Harvey and others."

What I am doing: 
(1) Continuing my own emotional, spiritual and political growth through reading, listening, being a part of our group that meets virtually.
(2) Working with others on the issue of resiliency for children, parents, communities as it relates to political/social/economic/environmental changes we are dealing with world-wide.
(3) Working in conservative rural PA to develop a progressive social movement that includes ways to (a) talk across the political divide (b) pass on skills and develop new activists (c) spur changes to make the electoral process more responsive to the real needs of people (d) reach out to and work with those who have been marginalized in our area such as women of color and dairy farmers (e) teach how to think and work outside the box by developing nonviolent direction action on-going campaigns that join with other campaigns to build a progressive movement.


Wade Lee Hudson: Penn, I appreciate your input, which prompted me to add to my submission: We’ll help each other minimize our materialism and nurture our spirituality.


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