Mission and Methods

The Systemopedia’s purpose is to:

  • Serve humanity, the environment, and life itself.

  • Promote personal, social, cultural, economic, and political change dedicated to this purpose.

  • Encourage the reform of existing institutions and the creation of new structures to serve these goals.

The Systemopedia is based on the belief that these mutually reinforcing changes can contribute to the transformation of our social system into a compassionate community.

Constantly edited and updated, the Systemopedia highlights the best resources we find that advance this mission.

Content is arranged in the Sections on the Contents tab on the top menu and categorized alphabetically on the Subsections page. To view the Systemopedia YouTube channel, click here.

For more information, hover on the About tab and review the Sitemap.

Suggested additions and changes are welcome. If you're interested in serving as a co-editor or assistant editor, perhaps with a focus on a section or subsection, please let me know.

—Wade Lee Hudson, Editor


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