Don Karp

"The system" to me has a very vague meaning. Usually I see it as something to be unhappy with, and/or to fight against. The US seems to me to be the dominant world "system" because of its military might, and how it is used, media control and proliferation of destructive memes, and corporate greed (economics). Because of its superiority and influence, I have to think of the system and the US as synonymous.

First, we must transform ourselves as individuals, to climb the ladder of consciousness as our primary focus, not the ladder of success. Success is ok, but creates problems when it is ahead of growth of consciousness. There are many ways to grow in consciousness--too numerous to mention here. The great decisions come when the voice of intuition says, "Yes," the voice of reason says "Yes," but the voice of fear says, "Hell No!" I need to practice taking leaps of faith, even with the fear, and develop my safety net of friends to be able to take these leaps of faith.

What I am doing, besides a huge dose of personal/spiritual growth work, is writing--memoirs to inform people of more beneficial lifestyle possibilities, and answers to Quora.com forum questions on mental problems, coming from my perspective of lived experience as a psychiatric survivor. I also do online coaching to help lift people out of that destructive system into lives where they are thriving.

I think transforming the system (US?) is best done by the groups fighting corruption in government that work on the local and state levels to change how voting works. This has broad-based public appeal. Although a lot of the Democratic presidential candidates have very good platforms, the gridlock that corporations have on Congress, prevents much from happening at the federal level, no matter who is president.


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