Community Dialogs (Draft)


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Community Dialogs (Draft) 

How can we help improve the world?
Talk, listen, learn, brainstorm
Horizontal, self-regulating, self-perpetuating, peer-to-peer conversations 

Time and location to be determined
Video conference calls are an option

00:00 Social time. Food. Drink. Informal conversation.

00:25 Twelve or fewer participants form a circle. The Facilitator explains the rules:

  • The focus is: How can we help improve the world?

  • Participants speak only if they’re holding the “mic,” which may be an object.

  • The Timer sets a timer when each person begins speaking.

  • Speakers talk for no more than 90 seconds.

  • If the timer goes off, the speaker finishes the sentence.

  • When speakers finish, they recognize the next speaker by handing them the mic.

  • Speakers are encouraged to respond to the previous speaker.

  • Speakers are encouraged to:

    • be respectful and avoid personal attacks and name-calling;

    • avoid going back and forth repeatedly with the same person;

    • call on people who haven’t spoken.

  • People with mobility difficulties can select the next speaker and ask the Carrier to give the mic to that person.

The Facilitator: 1) asks for a moment of silence for people to meditate, pray, reflect, or relax; 2) asks everyone to introduce themselves; 3) recognizes the next speaker.

01:30 The Facilitator asks everyone to give a one-word evaluation of the dialog and then helps the group: 1) decide (or clarify) where and when the next dialog will meet, and; 2) who will serve as Facilitator, Timer, and Carrier.

01:35 The circle adjourns and participants engage in informal conversation.

02:00 If necessary, the participants vacate the room.