Why Launch a “Transform the System Network”

NOTE: Following are some arguments in favor of “A Suggestion.”

Personal, social, cultural, and political transformation are all needed to transform our global society, which is a coherent, self-perpetuating social system, the System.

Agreeing on the broad understanding of the System articulated in “A Suggestion” could help unify a community of various forces who see how their primary issue is connected to other issues.

To transform means: “to change in composition or structure; to change the outward form or appearance of; to change in character or condition.”

Most change agents focus on changing others.

They neglect self-evaluation and self-development.

Affirming the suggested Commitment, which includes a pledge to work on self-development, would encourage people to engage in personal work.

Briefly reporting monthly to each other in teams of three or more about personal change efforts could help hold people accountable to their commitment.

Mutual support can nurture self-development. Simply listening to each other can be helpful.

Those reports could be in an “intimate check-in” at the outset of meetings. Participants would then engage in other activities of their own choosing, including regular activities.

Those check-ins would be confidential.

Each participant would be free to report on whatever they want. The invasion of privacy would be avoided.

Affirming the same mission and using the same intimate check-in method could nurture a sense of community among participants.

Regional, national, and international gatherings could deepen that sense of community.

The development of a Transform the System Network, or something similar, could make manifest abstract ideas, which could help those ideas spread.

NOTE: If others organize such a project, I would be available to participate.