Change Myself, Change the World

On May 6, I sent the following bulk email. The latest draft of the Commitment will be maintained here.



I’m sending this email to you and 74 other old friends. I’d appreciate receiving your feedback about the following draft by no later than Friday, May 11. Do you have suggested changes? Once it’s polished, should we circulate it widely? Unless you ask me not to, I may share your response publicly.

Thanks much,


Change Myself, Change the World:
A Commitment


I commit to:

  • Pay attention to, control, and strive to change thoughts and feelings that can lead to oppressive or counterproductive behavior.  

  • Acknowledge my mistakes and resolve to avoid them in the future.

  • Become a better human being.

  • Talk about my efforts with close friends and listen to them talk about their efforts.

  • Support the development of social structures that nurture personal and community empowerment.

  • Help transform my nation into a compassionate community dedicated to the common good of all humanity, our own people, the environment, and life itself.

  • Help improve my nation’s public policies.


If you sign, I’ll send you only one email -- to verify your signing and invite you to:
1) report on your efforts;
2) horizontally discuss your efforts with other signers, and;
3) possibly self-organize new collective efforts to promote this commitment.


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