These compassionate resources advance holistic transformation -- even though none are fully and explicitly committed to that goal. The codes in each column indicate the following characteristics of each organization as explicitly reflected in the principal goals they report on their website:

  • Hol: Holistic - addresses the whole person, the whole society, and the whole world by explicitly nurturing global, systemic, personal, social, cultural, and political change.

  • Glo: Global - adopts a global perspective and engagement.

  • Sys: Systemic - adopts a focus on reforming our social system.

  • Per: Personal - supports a commitment to open-ended self-development.

  • Soc: Social - encourages the growth of communities whose members support one another in their open-ended self-development.

  • Cul: Cultural - nurtures compassionate attitudes, values, goals, beliefs, and behavior.

  • Pol: Political — Organizes compassionate efforts to improve political structures, laws, and/or policies.

NOTE: Please notify us concerning possible additions to this list. This website encourages the development of fully holistic projects (as defined above). So far we haven't discovered any. For further consideration, see Goals.

Organization Hol Glo Sys Per Soc Cul Pol
Better Angels Pol
Blueprint North Carolina Pol
Bridge Alliance Pol
Conversations Beyond Our Own Political Bubbles Soc Pol
GLIDE Memorial Church Glo Per Soc Cul
Listen First Project Per Cul
Living Room Conversations Soc
March for Our Lives Pol
Moral Mondays Pol
Mujeres Unidas y Activas Glo Per Soc Cul Pol
National Domestic Workers Alliance Per Soc Cul Pol
National Institute for Civil Discourse Pol
Native Organizers Alliance
Network of Spiritual Progressives Glo Per Soc Cul Pol
Pachamama Alliance Glo Per Soc Cul Pol
Poor People’s Campaign Pol
SURJ - Showing Up for Racial Justice Pol
Theater of the Oppressed NYC Cul
The Village Square Pol
We Choose All of Us Per Soc Cul