Transform the System: A Work in Progress



      During this draft declaration’s composition, the following individuals provided valuable support: Yahya Abdal-Aziz, Sara Colm, Steve Gerritson, Joan Greenfield, David Hartsough, Mary Hudson, Mike Larsen, Carol Lopez, Genevieve Marcus, Bob Morgan, Dan Nissenbaum, and Jakob Possert. During the last few weeks, Steve Gerritson offered helpful suggestions concerning content, proofread everything, and discussed key issues.

      Last November, in response to the first draft, which was titled “Transform the World with Holistic Communities: Personal, Social, Cultural, and Political,” in addition to those listed above, the following individuals offered constructive criticisms, suggestions, or words of encouragement: Rosa Beléndez, Dorsey Blake, John Breeding, Michael Carano, Jim Costa, Katherine Forrest, Joshua Gorman, Lani Kaahumanu, Paul Kinburn, Paul Kleyman, Alan Levin, Mary Kay Magistad, Roger Marsden, Mike Miller, Kitty Myers, Michael Nagler, Carol Norris, Liz Olson, Daisy Ozim, Jed Riffe, Anjali Sawhney, Jack Sawyer, Randy Schutt, Melinda Stone, and Gary Vondran. And Bob Anschuetz provided extensive copy-editing.

      I also express my special gratitude to others still living who’ve supported and influenced me over the years through personal interactions: Ajahn Amaro, Frank Bardacke, Joyce Beattie, Dan Brook, Ted Chabasinksi, Michael Doughty, Charla Drake, Sandi Gonzales, Kazu Haga, Roy Harrison, Jan Hartsough, Taj James, Sharon Johnson, Janelle Jones, William Kruse, Chris Moore-Backman, Eva Paterson, Chris Price, Dusa Althea Rammessirsingh, Dave Robbins, Brenda Salgado, Rob Waters, and Rev. Cecil Williams.

      I give particular “shout outs” to Roma Guy, an ally since we served on the Baker Places Board of Directors in the early 1970s, Rhonda Magee, a fellow Emersonian whose insightful support has been extremely valuable, Rebecca Crabb, my psychotherapist whose wisdom has aided me throughout, David Wallace, who designed the cover with a key assist from Sara Colm, and my sister, Mary Hudson, my longest living soul mate.

      Most of all, I thank my mother, the Holy Spirit, and Mother Nature, without whom none of this would have been possible.



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